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Woodland Ways Workshops

Day Workshops

Woodland tools

Christmas Crafts

2Wild welcomes all ages, families and friends, into the lovely woodland of the Hardwick estate for a Woodland Christmas Craft experience. Guided by expert instructors, you will make gifts and decorations such as wreaths, candle holders and reindeer; all made using the natural materials around you. Working by the warmth of the fire, you will learn new skills to take away with your items, as you enjoy a peaceful antidote to the stresses of the festive season.

Knife skills and whittling

The Introduction To Woodcarving day is for anyone already into the outdoors, wanting to explore Bushcraft, or looking to learn a new skill. Using basic tools to create useful implements is a very satisfying way to spend a few hours and an essential part of the wonderful world of Bushcraft. 

You will become familiar with basic tools and techniques used in woodcarving, and how to apply them. Coached by the highly experienced instructors, you will be taught to use knives, axes and other tools safely to makes a variety of craft items including tent pegs, letter openers, mallets and spatulas. The course will not only look at how to use the tools but will go into their anatomy, how to care for them and the law surrounding them.

Following on from our Introduction to Woodcarving, there is an intermediate carving day which is the perfect opportunity for furthering your carving skill and to make some more advanced craft items. 

This day will be focused more on use of the axe and will also go into more advanced knife skills as well as introducing more specialised tools for different tasks. In this course, among other things, you will be making spoons, chopping boards and butter knives as well as learning some techniques for doing decorative carving on your pieces.