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Open Canoe Expedition Workshops

Captivating, challenging, graceful, purposeful, transporting, relaxing, exciting, exploring, harmony, simplicity.

Uh oh...The original mode for discovering new places and opening up continents. Open canoeing is all this and more and once smitten by canoeing your life will, put very simply, never be the same.

This is a quality open canoe training course aimed at preparing you to be a competent and safe paddler. Unlike other open canoe training we will be looking at a holistic approach that will prepare you for solo and tandem paddling, day trips and longer expeditions.

Each week we’ll get together for expert instruction, information and knowledge with plenty of on-the-water paddling time. Focusing on all the paddle strokes, trim, safety and rules of the river. We will also cover rights of navigation as well as efficient paddling over long distances and paddling in difficult conditions.

There is a lot of off the water knowledge that you’ll need to know but often have to discover by yourself!

Skills like: portaging, knots, choosing water-proof kit, wild cooking, putting and securing your canoe safely on your car’s roof are all covered on this workshop. We’ll also spend time on important subjects like the best flask for keeping your tea hot!

The aim of the course is to leave you feeling assured that you can confidently and safely go on canoeing trips by yourself or with your family.

With your new skills you can join us on other expeditions and adventures (see Adventures and Expedition pages). At weekends there will be opportunities to do some trips and pub paddles. In winter there will be advanced white water training on the Wye, Usk and Dart and there will also be a chance of some bigger expeditions and trips abroad.