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Age 9+ Wild Days

Aiming for a shot

Bow and Arrow Making Day  icon

By popular request, our Bow & Arrow Making Day gets another outing this summer!

Learn to make your own survival bow and arrow out of bamboo - then put them to the test!

Have a go at throwing an arrow with an Atl Atl - an ancient hunting tool from the days of the Atztecs!

Join us for a day of target practice, play stalking games and learn how to move silently through the woods.

Please note: Because of the advanced nature of this activity, the age limit for this day has been set at 8+. Thank you for understanding.

Go Bear Gorillas in the Woods 9-12  icon

Go Bear Gorillas in the Woods! Come and join us for a unique Bushcraft week where you will learn some exciting new skills. Suitable for ages 9 - 11 years.

Spend a week building up your survival skills such as:

Fire making
Shelter building
Cooking over the fire
Primitive weapons (projectiles)
Woodland crafts (natural cordage, clay pots, animal plaster cast making)
Games (stalking, tracking and other fun activities)

Other activities will include: tree and plant identification, tracking walking, bundle bow making and blunt spears.

Timings will be from 9.30am - 3.30pm each day.

Pricing £150 for the five day course. Please book online.

There is an optional overnight stay on Thursday night which is listed as a separate event. You must have booked the whole week to stay overnight.

PLEASE NOTE: each day of the Go Bear week is designed to build on and develop skills learned on the previous day. While we can accept partial bookings for the start of the week, unfortunately children won't be able to join later if they have missed the first day.

Axe & Knife Skills  icon

This day is for those young budding bushcrafters who want to progress their woodland skills beyond fire lighting and shelter building.

Learn how to use the fundamental bushcraft tools on this exciting new activity day!

Chop your own fire wood with a hatchet (small handled axe) and find out what else you can use it for! You'll also get to pick up some knife skills using a Mora sheath knife - have a go at making a butter knife, tent pegs, and other useful things.

Due to the nature of these activities a firm approach to behaviour will be taken and it is only for those young people who will respect the tools properly. For the same reason, this day is restricted to children over 8 only. Thank you for understanding!