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Spectacular Summer Wild Days

Bow and Arrow Making Day  icon

By popular request, our Bow & Arrow Making Day gets another outing this summer!

Learn to make your own survival bow and arrow out of bamboo - then put them to the test!

Have a go at throwing an arrow with an Atl Atl - an ancient hunting tool from the days of the Atztecs!

Join us for a day of target practice, play stalking games and learn how to move silently through the woods.

Please note: Because of the advanced nature of this activity, the age limit for this day has been set at 8+. Thank you for understanding.

Reference no. WD1561
Location Path Hill
Date 08 August 2017
Cost £45.00
Age limit 8+
Time duration 09:30 – 15:30
icon  Archery
icon  Bushcraft & Wilderness
icon  Multi-activity
This event may be fully booked: