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Spectacular Summer Wild Days

Operation: Survive!  icon

PLEASE NOTE: This event is now fully booked. Thank you!

You and a small band of others find yourselves stranded and alone in the woods. Scattered about you lies the wreckage of some unknown cargo, from which you will need to salvage the necessary materials to survive until day's end.

Do you have the skills and character to survive? Carrying nothing, you will need a shelter, fire and food to sustain you throughout the day (extra provisions will appear for those who successfully manage each).

Challenges will arise in the form of having to ration meagre resources to ensure equal share, trade with other groups for essential materials, and work together to achieve a common goal - Survive!

Reference no. WD1555
Location Path Hill
Date 01 August 2017
Cost £36.00
Age limit 5+
Time duration 09:30 – 15:30
icon  Bushcraft & Wilderness
icon  Multi-activity
icon  Nature & Environment
This event may be fully booked: