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Bushcraft Club

Helping the fire along2Wild’s Bushcraft Club started in 2012 and was an instant success. It has attracted some fantastic young people who all want to learn skills that get them closer to nature and a more balanced and natural lifestyle.

This is a monthly club where young people aged 13-18 years old can explore primitive skills and technologies, native awareness and survival skills. Through exploring these areas participants will also gain an understanding of basic ecological principles, natural history, plant and tree identification, camp crafts, nature connection and heightened awareness.

Participants will also gain increased confidence and self-assurance whilst becoming a more capable, grounded individual. This club is ideal for young people who love being in the outdoors, interacting with nature and immersing themselves in the natural world, but who don’t necessarily feel a connection to uniformed clubs like the Scouts or Guides. This club also meets the requirements for the Duke of Edinburgh skills/interest sections where a new skill is learned regularly over 3 or 6 months.

The programme will have monthly sessions covering areas such as:

Using a bow drill

  • Fire – fire by friction and advanced fire by friction (bow drill, hand drill) and torches.
  • Shelter – various forms of individual and group shelters.
  • Water – sourcing, filtration and purification.
  • Wild foods – edible plants, cured meats, butchery, various cooking fires, pit ovens.
  • Tools – knife skills, axe skills, bow saw and primitive tools (flint knapping, bone, antler).
  • Primitive weapons – primitive bows, arrow making, throwing sticks and atl atl.
  • Scouting skills – tracking, stalking, primitive camouflage, silent movement and awareness.
  • Crafts – baskets, pottery, cordage, spoon and bowl making, and rawhide/leather/buckskin work.

Four times a year there will be an opportunity to stay overnight in the woods and gain experience from building and sleeping in natural shelters, bow drilling up the fire, preparing and cooking wild food and watching and listening to the woods as they change into night.