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This day captures the essence of archery from its modern day Olympic sport to the deadly weapons of our ancestors.

The day starts with expert tuition, practice and coaching focusing on form, stance and aids to accuracy. Using quality bows and arrows you will find yourself improving rapidly and hitting the targets with greater precision.

We will then take a giant step back 600 years to a time when the Longbow men of England ruled the Battle fields of Europe. You will get to feel the immense power of an English Yew longbow and see how far they can project an arrow. You will also play the medieval game of clout to see how accurate they are.

The afternoon will be spent roaming the woods and using our skills in Field archery. Amongst the trees we’ve placed targets that will challenge your skills as you shoot around, over and through the foliage, just as you would if you were hunting.

Target this day as one not to be missed!